Monday, August 16, 2010

Life Choices

Here it is Monday again. I am contemplating things that I can do to make my life better. I wonder about a lot of things, but the most important things center around family. I worry and care about my mom, dad, brother, husband, son, and inlaws as well as my other relatives. I also worry about what my own personal future holds. I guess I shouldn't use the word word - so I will say care. There has got to be a better way and this week I began another new quest. A quest to get me there - wherever there is! I just know that there is so much to my life than what I am giving so I am going to seek inwardly to find that place and develop it for myself.

The question is how can I make life better for me and therefore for them.

This week I will pursue -

1. Further education
2. Part time job or volunteer opportunities
3. Physical fitness

I could go on with more, but I think it best to start with those 3. I hope this blog serves as a reminder to focus on and finish those areas to completion with plans. We will see what they force me to do.

Today when I get home, I will begin my search online for the education, work and volunteer aspect of this all. Physical fitness actually began this morning as I walked around the track at the high school across the street from my complex.

Let's see what tomorrow brings!!!


  1. Good luck with your plan. It sounds fantastic! Imagine the possibilities...

  2. Thanks Webster! I have always believed in the possiblities education can bring on so many different levels.