Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting Back To Me!

I type this as I sit under the hairdryer awaiting my freshly "homemade" wrapped hair to dry. I haven't done this in years. This would be how all of my  Sunday nights were spent in my teen years at home. I would pamper myself. I would give myself a manicure and pedicure early in the evening and finish up by washing and doing my hair. This probably was how I spent three years worth of Sunday evenings. I went away to college and my Sundays mostly consisted of driving back to Columbia. I eventually moved off campus and quickly picked the routine back up. Whenever I would travel home, I would still make time for my ritual. Somewhere along the way, I dropped the habit off. I didn't pick the nail habits back up today, but I did wash my hair and am now here under this terribly hot dryer. I had forgotten until just a moment ago how I used to do this every week. I now have gotten in the routine of paying $45 every two weeks for a wash and style or $60 on weeks when my hair needs to be relaxed. I used to even do my own relaxers. Now I am afraid to even pick the boxes up to start. It's amazing to me how a tradition that I did for so long could just vanish so quickly. I had a good day today. I visited my mom, brother and still made it back to attend a function at Michael's school. I now sit here under the dryer typing away and enjoying my one indulgence of the day - a bowl of ice cream. I will have to create another post discussing my newest attempt at the South Beach Diet (which I still am on by the way) and my latest good moments, trials and tribulations with MS.