Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Random Thoughts!

            I have so many things on mind. Where do I start? I am feeling better. I had another stay at the hospital, but I am better now and moving right along. I went to my second MS support group meeting last night and feel that they are such a positive experience. There was a good mix of people. We had a roundtable discussion about various things. It was funny because the facilitator kind of had a hard time keeping us all on track. I think our each of our brains were doing it’s own thing. We would hear the question and answer a part of it, but then go in a completely different direction. It was funny now that I think about it. I am sure it wasn’t as funny for the facilitator, but she has MS too so I think she understood. I am contemplating a few things in my mind right now considering the future. I worry about the day that I need to file for social security. Each day something happens to make feel that the date I need to leave the workworld is moving closer and closer. School is about to start up again for Michael. He will be in the 12 grade this year. It is hard to believe how fast time has gone. This is a lot of rambling it seems, but that’s how things flow in and out of my mind so I think it proper to write them just like they are! Hope you’re having a great day!