Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Doing Just Fine

Today is Tuesday and all is pretty good from where I sit. I am glad that it is finally cooling down here. Before too long, it is going to be cold, but that's okay. I have quite a few coats in the closet. Not a lot to report. I am going to the library when I get off work and a close friend is coming by to drop her husband's tax papers off so I can complete them for him. I will go to the hospital later this evening so I will put something in the crock pot too when I get home, which means I have to go to the grocery store first. My life is pretty simple. I have some issues which I am in prayer over and I am trusting that they will all work out. They always do. I look back at some of the hurricanes I have had in my life and they now look like simple rainy days. When you get out the storm, it is always better than when you are right dead smack in the middle of it. Of course! Not a lot going on and that is just the way I plan to give it. The library here is having a week of forgiveness forgiving all fines. Wow, what a blessing to people who have stopped reading due to heavy fines imposed by returning items late and not having enough money to buy themselves that book they wanted to read. I have the books in my car on the front passenger seat that I intend to donate as they are accepting new ones. I am excited about my afternoon of. Hope all goes well. I have decided to go back to USC. I also have decided to stick with my old college and sometimes in my adult life job for the part time gig. I will get started back there next month. Have a great day as I am making a conscious effort to do so!


  1. Girl I can really hear y our voice when I read these posts. It is almost like I am reading one of your daily emails.

  2. Thank you! I am glad you are reading them and thank you! I feel like I have had a therapy session, when I am done typing most days, lol!