Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finally Able to Relax!!!

Well, it is Saturday and I was up early again this morning. It wasn't the same 3 o'clock in the morning early, but it was 7 o'clock. I stayed in bed until 8. I refused to get up even to go to the bathroom at 20 minutes til. I enjoyed being there. I purchased new pillows a couple of weeks ago and I made it my purpose to feel them beneath my head. I did. I had fresh sheets on the bed from the morning I couldn't sleep a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to just be there in my bed. I did all the things that were on my list early and I am back home now. I think I will troop back to the hospital later to see my dad. Michael, his dad and I will have dinner after that, but I am glad for this Saturday as I am glad for every day of the week. I had to break down and get another car. I am enjoying it. It is a little sports car and I am enjoying. Have I hit my midlife crisis at 32 - doubtfully so. It was a really good deal, by a maker that I have grown to trust. I deserve it I say. I work hard and I hardly play so I figure on my way to work I should be able to play right :)! I am at a good spot in my life and I thank God for the good and the bad. I am happy right now, just the way I am!!!

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