Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It depends on how you(I) see it

A lot has happened over the last few days. I am in a good place. My health is well. Everything on the home front, job front and all fronts overall are well. I am living my life, going through the daily grind. Well, last week, I had a bit of shakiness to come in like a small earthquake. Instead of responding to it, like I would in earlier days, I handled it like it should have been handled. Although, it threatened to change this new evolution of the woman I am becoming, the woman I need to have long ago been, it didn’t. My husband pulled a ploy to get back into my life. This ploy, albeit serious, was one in which I realized I love him to death, but honestly am not in love with him. At least right now. shoreacressunset2_0700 - Sunset off Shore Acres State Park, Oregon.I am tired. You know when you’ve done all you can do, all you should do and you are at the point of no return? I think I am at that point and although, I love him and would do anything for him, it is time for me to put me first at least for now. I will never close the door on what can happen tomorrow or even in the next minute, but for right now – I am done. I continue on executing the I am done plan and we will see what tomorrow truly does hold.

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