Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Things I Am Figuring Out!

I have been busy the last couple of days and I take busy-ness as it is. I have been feeling okay. Not great, not terrible. I have started to really see how one's mindset is a determining factor on so many different levels. As you know a couple of weeks back, I changed my own mindset. I have been more conscious of the fact that I am a child of God. He only wants what's best for me. My Father is all powerful. That is enough for me not to worry, not to be stressed. I promise you that the new thought processes that I have adapted make for a better life for me. I feel so much lighter and free when I don't have the burden of worrying on my shoulders. My dad is still yet holding on by the grace of the good Lord. I just found out that one of my uncle's passed back home. I don't know all of the details quite yet, but need to make some calls at lunch to find out more. I remember my parents and grandparents always saying every year takes out it's number. They meant that in the months of November and December, the amount of deaths would seem to increase. This year we haven't dealt with the loss of loved ones on a consistent basis. I am praying for strength for my aunt and for the strength of all of us who loved him. I have to get up to see them all.

Everything has been going fairly well and again I attribute that too my new onlook on things. Yesterday morning I stepped on the curtains at one of the windows to my double windows in my bedroom. That caused the rods, therefore the curtains, to all fall from both windows down to the floor. When I attempted to pick them up they actually had come off the rod. Bah humbug!!! I was livid for a second, but quickly paused and said thank you Lord for I don't know what the reason You have for my having to slow down this morning, but I am ever so thankful for You know best. I put them up well enough to go to work. Usually, I am anal about getting things back in place, but this morning I noticed they were still hanging up there willie nillie and didn't even stop to fix it. Every thing is well and it has taken me 33 years to get to this place of peace. I am loving it!!!!

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