Thursday, February 16, 2012


I did it people!!! I joined the YMCA!!! I am so enthusiastic about what this means for me. Everyone who knows me knows that I am an all or nothing type person. I don't like to do anything a little or less than. I think since I have joined and made the first appearance (this morning), I am going to take an all or nothing approach here for a while until I can make a habit out of it. It was terribly hard getting out of bed this morning, but I did it. I liked it. When I first got there I went to the wide open area where the pros were. Not a good idea at all. I felt like a failure amongst them so I went to this little small isolated area with only about seven or eight pieces of equipment in it. I was the only one there. I was a little unsteady on my feet as I am always am thanks to our good friend MS. However, I didn't allow that to be a stumbling block for me today. I held on tighter and kept on moving. I finished all seven pieces of equipment in that area and even went to the weights area for a little while. What was so good for me was the fact that I saw people of all shapes and sizes coming through the door. There were several business people who came there dressed to work out and left dressed in their business attire. I loved it. I didn't plan on showering there and leaving as I wasn't planning on working up a sweat, but boy did I ever. It was my first day there, but everyone made it feel as if it was my 101st. I truly enjoyed it and can't wait to get back. I am even thinking of going back after work. I only worked out for about 25 minutes this morning. If I go back, I think I could do another 25 minutes or even make it a total of an hour for the entire day. We all know how MS works when we are moving, so perhaps going twice a day for 30 minutes each time will be a way to trick it! Wish me luck!!!


  1. Just pay attention to your body; you are, after all, recuperating from a cold. Under normal circumstances I think two 30 minute workouts would be fine, though. Yay for you!!

  2. Webster, I didn't make it to the second work out. By the end of the day I was completely pooped out. I'm still waking up early every morning and going to work out for 30 to 45 minutes. It's been good for me so far and my cold is almost gone. You are so right - My body speaks to be very loudly these days and you better believe I listen.