Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This darn MS!!!

I thought I was doing well for a spell. I felt good, I was doing things that made me happy. I was just living my life to the fullest. BAM!!! That was MS. I suffered a relapse and was knocked back down. I actually was a little depressed by this last one because it seemed to come from no where.

I started the steroid treatment. I took time off from work. My plan this year was to not use any time until June. I wanted to have all my vacation and sick days so that I could use them when needed. That went out of the window. I felt bad!  I usually work right on through a relapse, but this time realized that my body needed rest and if I wanted to get better, I'd better listen to it. I did! I took a total of 3.5 days off and really rested. Although I am not back at 100%, I am back. I needed that time. I haven't been to the YMCA now for two weeks and although I miss it, I just don't feel like adding insult to injury right now. I'll get back there. I don't eat properly sometimes so the physical fitness has to be there. I have some MS yoga dvds that I have been waiting to try out. I keep telling myself now is a good time.

This relapse brought about the partial seizures and exhaustion. The seizures are better and the exhaustion is about 60% better. I pray that in time, I'll be back to normal. This relapse has taught me something. MS is not predictable. I just need to know that. I think all before now even with my mom and brother having it, I was of the mindset that as long as you take it easy, you'll be ok. I was taking it easy. Even though I'd started a new fitness regimen it was not like it was bootcamp type workouts. I was doing simple stuff. Some of my friends were like I needed to stop going to the YMCA, but I couldn't get them to understand that my workout was very simple. I think the relapse would have come on with or without the workout. My doctor seemed to think so also, but who knows.

I am still going to continue to do things - just in moderation. I plan to attend a women's conference at my church at the end of the month. Thursday night of this week I am going out to dinner with a group of women. This is a first for me because I normally fly solo. We'll see how that goes. Well until next time have a good week and be blessed. I plan too myself!


  1. Take care of yourself Tammy. Good that the IVSM seems to be helping you. Rest is good, but a little time in the YMcA pool doing some water walking can be a nice gentle exercise. You don't have to build up a sweat and you can shower when you get home. Keep getting better!

  2. Thanks Webster. I've gone to the pool, but am a little intimidated by it. I can't swim! *hides in shame* There is always a lifeguard there so I need to explore my fear. It is something I've thought about. I worry about the temperature being too hot too, but haven't even checked recently to see what the temperature is. There are a few people who have MS that go there so perhaps it has changed since the last time I inquired. You make some very good points and I am going to look into it! Thanks again!!!