Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mines was okay. I had an accident trying to avoid hitting a golden retriever mix. I didn't hit him thankfully (despite everyone telling me I should have, I am glad I didn't), he is alive and so am I and so is the driver of the other car involved in the accident. My right legged jammed into the dash board and I am having some problems walking from that, but I am still alive. My Thanksgiving Day was kind of blemished by the accident, but I lived. I had so many things that I wanted to do presentation wise as far as my dinner went, but never got a chance to do because of the time it took to get things straightened out at the scene of the accident. It looks like my car may be a total loss and I have to get another one, but I am okay with all of that as I am still alive. It could have been worse:), but thankfully it wasn't!


  1. Well I am glad you didn't hit the dog (and I hope he's all right - he shouldn't be out running around loose), but I'm sorry you totaled your car. That's just what you needed, right? Since the accident was your fault, your insurance will just cover the other guy, right? Happy Holidays - Bah Humbug.

  2. Thanks Webster if I could get some people off my back about the dog, I would be alright. I would do the same thing again. Well, my insurance will fix my car if they determine its not totalled. So far everyone except the insurance company has totalled it. If they do then they will pay off my loan on the car and I will have to get another one. I think it all is going to work out or at least I hope so. I'm a little concerned about my leg and that's about it. Perhaps I needed the accident to slow me down a little. I was so intent on Thanksgiving being a success for all, but when things turned around and the accident happened, I found out that I was about the only one who really cared about the real meaning of Thanksgiving anyway. I seriously felt unappreciated, but who cares - I'm alive (with my limp and all)!!! Bah humbug is right - Happy Holidays!!!