Friday, October 1, 2010

Tired, drained, pooped!!!

I have been running full speed ahead in my mind for so long here the last couple of weeks that now it has begun to show in my health. I knew I was doing a lot, but still - it had to be done. I have been working of course (full and part time jobs), trying to deal with school related stuff, my dad had four seizures consecutively while still yet healing from all the other major stuff he has had to endure, having things come up that not necessarily cause me to worry, but cause concern. Despite all of that, I know where my help comes from and because of that, I have kept most of my sanity. My body although is tired, my mind is not focusing as well as it usually does and to top it all off, I have the beginnings of a cold :(. 

I am okay though. It is because I know what these things mean that I will take this weekend as a do nothing weekend. I went to the grocery store on two occasions earlier this week so I don't have to go grocery shopping this weekend. I also do have to go to the social security administration building here in town to get a new social security card for myself today (which will probably take no less than a month to be seen and dealt with, but it's okay hopefully I will be able to read while there).

I'm tired and all I want to do is curl up in my bed and just be for a while. Not very long, just a little while. When my body speaks, I now listen!!!

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