Monday, October 11, 2010

Did I Make This Up?

I know it can not be so and I know that this post won't give me a whole lot of answers, but I am just wondering about a little theory I have. I think weather changes has a role in my day to day health with MS. On days when the temperature changes more than five or so degrees from the day before, my body reacts awkwardly. It's like I endure some sort of mini-relapse that lasts until my body gets used to the new temperatures (usually a couple of days) which is usually a couple of days. I wonder what that is about....hmmmm!!! My brother also has MS and he seems to agree. When we talk on the phone on certain days where there is a change in the weather, I can detect in his voice that he isn't feeling his best. Of course I bring up my theory and finally now he says there may be something to it. Do either of you with MS experience this?


  1. Living in Western Washington state, we rarely experience dramatic changes in temperature. Even so, If it stays warm (or if I GET too warm) I turn to mush, and if it gets to cold (or if I GET too cold) I have more muscle spasms. But I have never been your typical MS patient.

  2. I agree hun, I can definitely tell the difference now that the weather is cooler. There was one day the weather was really warm and I didnt feel great at all, I believe the humidity has alot to do with it.

  3. Okay, I just didn't want to be making something up. I have always heard and read about the heat causing problems, but hardly ever hear anything about the cooler weather or changes in temperature period other than the extreme heat. I hear you on not being the typical MS patient too Webster. Yes I am with you on the humidity too svrbrownsuga. Thanks y'all for your responses. I don't feel so crazy afterall!!!