Monday, September 23, 2013

Going Through the Motions

I'm still out of work and about to go crazy. I miss having to get dressed every day and having something to look forward to. I do like my home, but I just need to get out. I feel a little better getting as much rest as I have been able to get. I'm just going through the motions of daily living. I feel like I'm waiting on something, but in reality I'm not. Simply waiting on the day when I awaken and don't feel as if I've been up all night. My family members have been wonderful through this relapse. I spoke with my case manager at MetLife earlier, emailed my human resources representative and got some reading in today. I guess this makes for a pretty eventful day as most days I only get to do the reading. I also had an appointment with a vocational rehab counselor. She was mostly impressed with my ability to get the job that I have, that she didn't hear my questions. That was pretty much a waste of time and effort. Hopefully, I'll wake up one morning soon and all will better! We'll see. Until then, I'll just keep on keeping on!

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