Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just Say No - To stress

I've always been the type to see good in all people. My husband tells me of how he wishes I didn't see the good always - how he wishes I could just get and stay mad at a person. I think we all, despite how bad  we may or may not be, have good in us.

This way of thinking helps me in all of my relationships I think. My husband has won many arguments just because I had no desire to argue nor a desire to win them. Others have called themselves victorious also. I learned years ago, even before my diagnosis, about what stress can do to a person with MS. I can't control many things, but I can control what stresses me.

I do get upset and bothered at times. Those are the times I draw closer to God. I think of the oh so many times he could have gotten angry at me, washed his hands with me. and just thrown me away. If he can do it, then so can I. The next time you see troubled - Just Say No!!!

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