Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Learning Experience

I am back at work after a long weekend. I did get to rest a good bit. With temperatures in the high 90s I stayed inside for much of the weekend. Yesterday my husband and mother-in-law wanted to cook-out at our place. I didn't do much as I really wasn't feeling up to it. I still am suffering from the heavy weight of this fatigue, my speech is slurred and at times I catch myself drooling! I didn't want company and especially a cook-out. I wanted some comfortable lounge pants, an old t-shirt, good book and a cold drink all weekend long. I am ever so greatful for the contributions of our military women and men from years past all the way up to the ones right now and the ones in the future even. I didn't feel very well this weekend and had it not been for that I would have had my entire family out doing something at Ft. Jackson in honor of them. I just felt bad. I did agree on Saturday that "they"could do the cook-out if they so desired. Well, they did it all. I just sat on the couch (with my book) and watched and waited. My husband did a swell job and when it was getting late and I needed to get in bed for work today, he told everybody kindly that was sorry that we had work tomorrow and that they could get them a to go plate and they slowly started leaving. It went well. I was proud of him and my mother-in-law for respecting my being under the weather and taking care of everything. In the midst of all the anxiety I had about having people over and not really feeling like myself, I saw that things could go well even if I wasn't the one doing everything! Perhaps I can relinquish more things!

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