Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday afternoons
I am feeling a little better. I have endured a very long last past couple of weeks. My vision has been poor along with some other issues. I see well enough to type here at the computer. I started having the partial seizures again and feel pretty bad. I am still here although and because of that I rejoice. Hopefully, this current exacerbation will soon be on it's way out. I have had the Solumedrol treatments at my local infusion center. I did really well right after them, but now can tell that I am not taking anything. I did start taking the Copaxone that I had left over from when I stopped taking it before. I think my own treatment plan of not taking anything proved to be not as effective as I thought it would be. I take the Copaxone until the Rebif makes it here and I start taking it. It has been a long road just to get here and here is not the greatest place to be. I continue with prayer and faith. It'll all work out I know!


  1. I hope your relapse is over soon. I, too, am not doing so well these days. Tomorrow I get to have an MRI - then we'll decide what to do next. Take care.

  2. Thanks so much Webster! I hope all is well with you too. I will be checking to see how your appointment went yesterday!