Thursday, March 3, 2011

What "A" Time!!!

It has been midterm time for me all this week and a portion of last week. Wow is all a girl can say. If it had not been for the Lord! I think I lost my brain somewhere along the way a couple of weeks ago and it just hasn't found it's way back home yet. I think I will be okay when grades start coming in, but it took everything in me not to withdraw from school this semester. It has been a hard road, but I must keep looking toward the end result, right?  I started telling myself that I was doing this for my dad months ago. He was such a lover of higher education and prided himself in the fact that I had a couple of degrees under my belt. He seemed thrilled when I told him I was back in school. I have mentioned here how on the day that he passed, I told him I had a paper due. He passed right at the moment that I finished my paper. That memory and the memory of how I use to tell him this is for you daddy is what got me through the last exam which was last night.

I don't know what's going on with me still yet and my doctor has said just to give it some time and come back to see him in a month as he said a lot of his patients complain of cognitive issues. That doesn't help when I am the one doing the complaining, but hopefully by the next appointment, all will be well in my head.. I hate when this happens because I am so cognizant of the fact that things aren't right. I play the brain helping games and I read a lot (as much as time allows), but I wait as my doctor tells me to do. I forget a lot and have some of my older coworkers who remind me that forgetfulness is inevitable. For them I am forever thankful as they make me smile. I just wish my forgetfulness would come when I was there age instead of my own:(. I know this sounds like a woe is me post as have my last posts more than likely, but I am okay. I am thankful for the things that have happened in my life and those that still do happen on a daily basis. It is what it is and I have a choice to make lemonade with this bag of lemons!!!

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  1. The title of this blog is "What "A" Time" because I wanted it to be about the fact that my first grades have come in and they are As. I forgot all about that! LOL