Monday, February 21, 2011


It is yet Monday again. I am glad to be here at work a little earlier than I normally would be. It is like spring here. The weather man said it's supposed to reach 80 here today. Wow, I never thought I would think this, but YES! Not only will I be able to get back outside, but the energy bill will go down. I was suprised at high it has been this winter. I am feeling a good bit better and am thankful for that. I took my first Copaxone injection on Friday and I won't be taking another one of those this week while I work, but I may try it again next Saturday. I can only blame my actions on Saturday on the shot. I took it Friday night now that I think about it. I woke up on Saturday morning with big plans to clean, clean and then clean some more. Well, that was short lived. It was like I couldn't get it together. I had the washing machine filling up, wet clothes in the dryer, but had forgotten to turn the dryer on, the floor sprinkled with carpet fresh, the sink filled with hot soapy water, the vacuum cleaner lying on the floor awaiting the entry of a new bag so that I could vacuum(can't get down with the bagless vacuums), bucket filled with water to clean a certain spot in the carpet. I just had tooooo much going on. It's like I started doing everything, but before I could complete one thing, I was on to the next task. I also wasn't thinking straight. I lost my debit card when I went out. I thought I had lost something else and looked for it most of Saturday afternoon, but right now I can't even tell you what that item was....hmmm... Nope! I just don't know what that item was. I guess I will remember when I need it, if I need it. Just thinking to myself, do the interferons not impact others this way? Betaseron was no better. The only other choice that sounds reasonable is Rebif and I don't know anyone who takes that personally, but I guess that is a question to post on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Facebook wall. They just seem to dumb me down. I didn't dare to do anything resembling school work. It just wasn't the day for it. I will pay for that come this week, but I just do declare that shot took a day away from me!!! There has to be a better way to stop the lesions that MS causes to appear on my brain. I never considered Tysabri before, but there has gotta be a better way!!! Although, I don't think Tysabri would be that better way. I just have to find out.


  1. Hi Tammy,

    I know we are all different...

    I have been using Copaxone since November 2010.. not real long. But I have to say that I've not had anything like what you describe. The only side effects I have are site injection stuff. Redness, whelp, itching... but nothing that interferes with my daily routines.

    Now, MS interferes for sure. I have this awful brain fog and I get distracted easily, but like I said, that's from MS....

    I hope you find something that you tolerate and and can work into your routines....

  2. Thanks Sherri! I don't know what it is. It seems like Copaxone and Betaseron both effect me in the same way. I truly feel that it is from the medication because I have "bounced back" since I haven't taken anymore. I didn't have any type of site reaction thankfully. I am sorry that you are. Has you doctor suggested taken an ibuprofen before you give yourself the shot. I have heard that that helps. I am not sure although. The only thing for me taking the shot was that when it first went in, I could tell for a little while afterwards that I had taken a shot. It kind of burned a little. MS does cause the cog fog for me too, but this was of a deeper magnitude it seems. It was as if, I had lost my mind. I normally can still function with that, but this kind of had me wanting to just sleep in order to not have to use my brain. Not good at all. Perhaps it was a reaction with some of my other medications or something. I don't want to make others feel that Copaxone doesn't do what it is supposed to. I know that it works. It just did that to me. I am sure I am one out of millions who have had this complication. It doesn't seem to be with Copaxone alone I must say again as the Betaseron did the same thing to me and that causes me to think that the interferons are just not for me.

  3. Avonex, Betaseron and Rebif are all interferons but Copaxone is not. So I can't say what stepped up your cog fog. Perhaps you should wait until Spring break to give Copaxone another try, for several days in a row, to see what happens since it's a daily shot. Good luck.

  4. Webster, you know I am still in the land of cog fog. Copaxone is definitely not an interferon and I know that. I think I am going to change the title of this post. Thank you for reminding me that it isn't. I have known that for years. Just like I have known my job's mailing address and my own personal post office box address for years. This past Monday, I had client information sent to my personal mailbox instead of to the client. I don't know what's going on either, but I definitely don't like it. Hopefully, this won't last much longer. Trying the Copaxone during Spring break is a good idea. I know that I need to be taking something.