Thursday, July 29, 2010

Olivious Life

Good morning! I am well into my Thursday here at work and things are pretty good. I am in an overall good mood. Michael is a lot better, my dad is doing better and I feel pretty good this morning.

SUNSET BEACH, CA - DECEMBER 4:  Beachfront homes are seen beyond breaking waves on December 4, 2009 on the flat sands of Sunset Beach, California. A report released this week called the California Climate Adaptation Strategy predicts that sea level rise will likely inundate many California coastal areas by 2050. The report also concludes that population growth and declining water supplies could cause major disruption if water users don't reduce their consumption by about 20 percent. The report is the first US governmental attempt to ascertain the likely impacts of climate change on communities, infrastructure and the environment, and to propose ways to adapt to those changes. Among other recommendations, the report calls for a ban on new developments in areas at risk of sea level rise, storm surges or coastal erosion.   (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

I have noticed over time that I am oblivious to a lot of things. I have been oblivious to the fact that I am overweight. I go shopping and don't have a problem getting clothes that fit from the plus size section most times. I range from a size 16 to an 18 depending on the maker and what it is that I am wearing. I am healthy when I go to my doctor's appointments when it comes to my cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar levels, triglycerides, and all the other things that I have checked by choice and necessity twice a year. I eat basically what I want. I like salads some days with nothing but lettuce and a light vinaigerette and on those days I call it dinner. On other days I want a big juicy cheeseburger where the juices flow down my arm when I pick it up to bite into it with some crinkle cut french fries on the side(Ore Ida are my favorite). I also am oblivious to the fact that I am a little abnormal in my thought processes, likes and dislikes and just who I am altogether. I don't go with the grain on a lot of things. I have my own little world going on up in my head. I am oblivious to the fact that I am fairly happy and have been all the time. I think a lot, but it seems that I haven't been thinking deeply enough. What one feels is a phase, I adapt as who I am when it truthly was just a phase for me too. Confusing I know!, but it's true. My job is a good job. I rarely complain about it, but when I do I shouldn't cause it's a pretty good job. The things in life that have me wondering are simple things. My faith allows me to know that this too shall pass! It always have in the past and it always does!!!

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