Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday is my friend today!

It is Monday. I am not complaining one bit. I had a great weekend. It was hot, but that didn't prevent me from doing so. On Friday, I spent a little time on me that was enough to rejuvenate myself. I didn't do a lot. I walked for a while and I actually went shopping for bathroom stuff. It was therapeutic. I think sometimes I take for granted the little things and get caught up on other things. These other things aren't necessarily big things, but just other things. Like that $10 bill I lost a while back, lol. I used to always look at Monday as Oh my goodness it is Monday again, but not so much anymore. I am happy to be amongst the living as the old folk used to say. Monday is a fresh start to a brand new work week. It is a good day for tomorrow is Tuesday and it's necessary to get the week going. I am in a good place today. I am thankful for that.

So back to my weekend. Okay on Saturday, I didn't do a whole lot of anything. I did my usual hospital stuff. Michael was released from hospital. He is still laying around a lot. I had to get on him to make him get up and walk around. He is just sleeping a lot and the doctor wants him to "move." He says he is not feeling bad, but that there is nothing else to do. So I definitely can't wait until he spends a week in the country with Randy. Sunday I did make it "home." It is always great to spend time with mama and see my brother.

Last night Tony and I ate dinner that he cooked. He cooked at my apt. YES - HE NOW KNOWS THE LOCATION OF MY APT. He is trying so hard. I still think about how I am selfish and not wanting him to be a part of my life for more than a few hours per day and how unfair and unchristian like that is. I am praying about it and dealing with it. He has stopped doing those things that I asked him to so when he asked if he could come over. I honestly could not think of a reason for him not to come over. So we will see what this leads to. I do love him and he is my husband to have and to hold. You know how the rest goes.

I hope today unfolds into a beautiful day for everyone. It is way hot outside, but the hotter it gets, the sooner we will reach fall hopefully!

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