Friday, June 25, 2010


Wow, this work week has finally come to an end. It was sooooo hard to get out of bed this morning. The internet is becoming my foe, but I love it so. I remember being little and being told that with a book, I could go anywhere in the world and be anyone in the world. That was the beginning of my love affair with books. Today fastforward 25 years and a new love affair is blossoming with the internet. I know I am a little late, but now I actually have time to spend on it. I say that to say. I can do so much and find out new things everyday. Within minutes, I know more about any given subject than I did before.

This morning, I contemplated calling in. I am dealing with this fatigue and anything that isn't laying in my bed/couch is draining. Even thinking is draining. I didn't call in and am feeling pretty good about it. I made it in. As the programs I will be working with this morning get ready, I release to you my thoughts. MS is really a sucky disease because when people look at you, you look well. Wow, if you only new what was going on on the inside. I feel fine a good portion of the time, but I don't a good portion of the time too. I think something about me makes me pull up my bootstraps as is said and press on. It is easier sometimes to portray the image of feeling, being well. RIGHT NOW I AM COMING TO GRIPS WITH THE FACT THAT MY FUTURE IS BLEAK AND BECAUSE OF THAT I AM GOING TO LOOK DEEPER INTO WAYS I CAN HELP FIGHT FOR A CURE WITH THIS TERRIBLE DISEASE.

Not a whole lot planned for the weekend. I am soooo happy and this should have been my first sentence. I received some fairly good news from the nurse taking care of my dad yesterday. He was going to be released from the ICU after 67 days and placed on a regular floor, but because he would receive better, specialized care there, his doctors decided to let him stay in the ICU for a while. I am glad they did that. He is special to me and therefore needs the specialized care even if he doesn't require it. I will visit with him during lunch and after work today. I am supposed to travel to Rock Hill tomorrow to help Stacy move to Charlotte. I feel better now about leaving town with my dad still in the hospital. I think had I not received this good news, it would have been harder for me to go.

I love my sister-in-law to death and any things that makes her life easier makes me smile. I wish things were different where we were free to live life with no restraints. No work, no obligations other than to be free. We both have like minds and could be doing so much in the world. We have had countless conversations about finding our purpose and taking on the world, but have not gotten very far because of some of our constraints. Stacy is better than I am of living life without being bound by self-imposed limitations. I am striving to get better.

I have made it to work. It is 10:22 a.m. right now and through some pauses I have completed this post. I am off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of work! Have a great day and a great start to the weekend!!!

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