Thursday, June 24, 2010

People Just Don't Understand

I am dealing with this dreadful MS fatigue again. It is Terrible. Yes, with a capital T. I just don't get how some of my closest people don't understand it. I tell you that I am dealing with MS fatigue and you respond with I am soooo tired myself. What? No, MS fatigue is not what you have. I have been tired too and would pay for that type of fatigue myself. I came in late this morning. I contemplated not coming in at all. Now, I was about 25 minutes late altogether. Not a big deal, especially when I am going to make it my business to stay over late today at 5. One of my coworkers in particular is short with me, but I am like shoot, no one told you to come in before the chickens rose this morning. I will have days like this so get over it. I get my work done, bottom line. Another person - my husband - whom I will be married to for nine years in August! He wanted me to spend time with him last night, but I told him I was going home to go to bed (we are still separated, but see each other almost everyday). He didn't understand me when I said I was dealing with some disabling MS fatigue. Oh well, those are the breaks I guess. I will say although, that one of my coworkers. Actually, our office manager, gets it. She and I had an email conversation where she would tell people at one time that she was so tired and it was because she had an iron defiencency and they would tell her the same thing, that they were tired too. People are insensitive sometimes. Go suck on a lemon very hard, I say!


  1. Hi Tammy, I hear you about the tired thing. It can be oppressive, especially since you're still working. Have you talked with your neurologist about it? There are a variety of different drugs that may help. May I also be so bold as to suggest you get some pamphlets from the NMSS that explain various symptoms; You could perhaps share them with co-workers to help them understand.

    Anyway, thought I'd drop by and say Thanks for following. I just noticed that I have a few new followers (yippee), and I hope you stick around. Also, I love your picture standing on the beach! Lovely.

  2. Webster, I thought I had posted a comment to this last week sometime, but evidently I didn't. Sorry about that as you are my only follower right now! Thank you for being here. I love your posts! I look forward to them. I have talked to my neurologist. He has suggested that I stop work and apply for disability. I am not ready to right now and thank God my employer haven't booted me out the door or called me in a conference to discuss my work patterns. I feel good most days. A lot of days I don't, but overall I have been maintaining. I just have those woe is me days from time to time. The pamphlets is a great idea and I actually have some coming in the mail hopefully soon. Thanks for saying that you like my picture. I love the beach in the spring, fall and even winter! Thanks Webster!!!