Sunday, August 25, 2013


I'm trying to creep back. I am slowly making progress. I came on and started a post that I saved to drafts. I have been enduring a lot. A lot has been things that I implemented in my own life. I've got a lot going on mentally. I started taking anxiety medication recently because the weight of the world was on my shoulders it seemed. I feel them working now that I have been on them for about a couple of months. I am finally finding my way with this new job. I felt so led there by the Lord, but for a minute couldn't find peace in the answer. I was there, but it seemed like I couldn't have heard right.

MS is flaring itself again in the form of tingling, burning and even itching in my left arm and hand mostly. I have health concerns that have truly made me look differently at the foods I eat. I'm trying. It's hard.

My life is a blur right now. I'm tired most days, but I still go on. I won't stop because one day there will be a day that I can't.

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