Friday, May 24, 2013

If I could just remember....

Yay today is Friday! I forget that means nothing other than I've got to go to work tomorrow for me. I am happy although it is closer to having some time off from work

I've been experiencing some rough moments here lately and it is all because of my thought processes. I am a huge believer in Christ and if He said, He'll do it. You wouldn't believe based on my past actions. All week at work, I've been telling myself of the things I am not able to do. I've been playing out in my mind (sometimes even while at work - working) how bad things are going to get and how bad they are going to be when I either lose my job or quit it. I was lead to this new position by God. I am aware of that and I honestly believe it. My thinking is causing me to have doubt.. When in doubt, look to the father, right? I know through Him all things are possible and because of that, I can rejoice! Rejoice with me! Also hope, that I always remember this! I tend to forget everything these days!!!

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