Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MS Did It!!!

I recently found myself explaining a mistake I made by using my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis as the blame. I think it is easier to blame things on MS than to just deal with any other causes. I mean I forgot because I have all of these lesions on my brain some of which are active right now as we speak makes me feel so much better. I never wanted to become the person that justified things because of something else. I get disappointed at times when others do it and yet here I was doing it. I forgot to get my paperwork from your office, just because I have a million other things on my mind would have been more of a true statement than for me to blame it on MS which may or may not be the actual cause. I came home and went straight to bed because I wanted to as opposed to I do have MS and some days just don’t have any energy left may not go over as well with my family. I ordered take-out for dinner because I didn’t want to dirty up my kitchen tonight does not sound as nice as I think I am having a flare up. Now I honestly don’t fake MS symptoms and if it truly feels like I am in a flare I will let my family and friends know it. I just didn’t want to be that person that told all that she is enduring to others as an explanation of my shortcomings. I am glad that most of those around me know a good bit about MS and the fact that it sometimes does cause things to go awry. So from now on I am making a conscious effort to not blame it on MS!


  1. I, for one, don't mind at all using MS as an excuse. I consider it a benefit of having the damned disease.