Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Blame Game

Good morning! In attempt to write more it seems that I write less. Bah humbug!

My health is not the best. I am thankful though that I have not had to endure any hospital stays. I have gone through another prednisone phase. Thankfully, it helped some. I still recognize symptoms of a flare up, but I still carry on. I am given this day so I will do what I can do this day.

I have been thinking a lot lately. I think about all of the things in life that I wanted to do, but didn't do. For each situation I found blame in someone or something else. It's no one or nothing's fault. It is my fault. I am the one who prevented me from doing whatever. I think it makes us feel better to have someone else to place the blame on. It let's us off the hook. No excuse. It was my fault. My next plan of action is to write out all the things that I wanted to do and examine whether or not it is something that I want to go back and revisit or just write completely off.

Think about your own life. Is there something that you haven't done and need to do, but blame is preventing you from doing it?

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