Sunday, October 19, 2014

Would It Be Easier If My Disease Was Called Something Else!

          I am a little perturbed at the fact that when I say I have Multiple Sclerosis amongst people who actually know what it is that I am looked at like I just said I have a simple cold. It seems to me that people don't take MS seriously. I know that they don't know what it is like living with this dreaded disease day in and day out, but my goodness.
I won't just go take a nap, wake up and it will all be over. This is a serious and chronic illness. I can't take my shot and then jump up and carry on as normal. It's not that easy although, I wish it were. I need a t-shirt in which it lists all 11 medications that I take every day just to be able to make it through most days, it needs to have my latest MRI images on it that show the multiple lesions on my brain and I need the doctor note in which the doctor prescribed a dose of do whatever you want to do to be happy because this disease will destroy your happiness at times. Ok. I'm better now!

         So do you think the reason people don't take MS seriously could be in the name? What if it were called Multiple Brain Sclerosis!!! That would do it I think. It sounds scarier anyway.

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